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Posted: 6 November 2020, 14:30

Ucome (used cooking oil methyl ester)

Delivery terms: FOB Rotterdam, Netherlands
Midveris Algis Vydimanto
,  Vilnius, LT
Flagma member since 27 February 2018


Product:ucome fame iscc-eu with min 87% ghg savings & 100% uco pos
specification: full en14214 as per specification attached with following additions:
· water content max 0,04% i. o 0,050% (en iso 12937)
· monoglyceride content max 0.65% i. o. 0.70% (en 14105)
· cfpp – 10 min !!!!!!
quantity: 1000 mt
price: month average argus red biodiesel fame -10c max cfpp fob baltic port range + 310 $/mt
payment currency in eur:
delivery terms: fob baltic ports
delivery period: month decade (to be confirmed)
loading window: tba qnq: at loadport
sustainability: iscc-eu pos 87% ghg savings

documents will be provided :
1. certificate according to the renewable energy directive (red) to 
company name.
2. proof of sustainability (pos)  for biofuels and bioliquids (red
3. certificate quality of ucome

also could be offered : biodiesel – organic fuel for diesel engines.
manufactured fuel is fatty acid methyl ester (fame), produced from rapeseed oil to be used as biofuel.
in diesel engines it can be used pure, or mixed in various proportions with mineral diesel.

Ad number: 30019
,  Vilnius, LT
Flagma member since 27 February 2018
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